The Clinton Legacy

People love Bill Clinton. A lot of people. Why?

Ask them. They’ll tell you. The economy was great. There was no war. The economy was great. No war.

I’ll grant you those two, but what about the rest of it? Ask them about Mark Rich, and you will get one of two responses…a blank stare, or they will change the subject. Ask about Monica Lewinski and you will only get one response…yeah! he got a $%#& #!* Why not?

Because he was supposed to be watching the country, is why not. Was it on auto-pilot while he was getting a “Monica?” Yeah, good job, Bill! way to go!

Maybe Clinton did have good economic policy. I’ll give him that. But the man himself? He is like the Mike Tyson of politics: the champ, but not really championship caliber. Here’s why:

1 Waco.

2 Pardoned Mark Rich, the largest tax cheat in U.S. history. Rich, a billionaire, was on the FBI’s most wanted list when Clinton pardoned him shortly after receiving a $150,000 contribution to the Clinton Library Fund from Rich’s ex-wife, Denise Rich.

3 All the other pardons.

4 Monica. Disgusting. Do your job.

5 Clinton lost the nuclear codes during the Paula Jones incident. That particular set was never retrieved.

6 Black Hawk Down. Bin Laden specifically mentioned this as the primary example of American cowardice that spurred him to his final decision on whether or not to launch the 9-11 attack.

7 Decimated our military.

8 Stole furniture from the White House. This was the Clintons’ grand departure, they took the stuff. They later brought it back.

Love him or hate him, he just won’t seem to go away!