How to Vote when both Candidates Suck

This seems to be an increasingly common phenomenon in recent elections, neither party running a particularly strong candidate. What we need right now is a Lincoln or an FDR, a man of scope who did what he needed to do keep the nation from total collapse, and consequences be damned! Both men pulled us back from the brink, and in the process both blatantly and irresponsibly stomped on the rights of American citizens. But we made it through, twice. We now seem to be poised at another crossroads of similar magnitude. But McCain is no Lincoln, and Obama is not FDR.

If you examine the candidates, they both have less than stellar credentials. McCain is too old, and if dies while in office, well, we all know what that means. Obama is the more intelligent of the two, but leans way far left of the average Democrat. If elected, we will face two years of a Democratic majority Congress quickly slamming through every bill that has been collecting dust in their file cabinets (I can picture Nancy Pelosi rubbing her hands with glee at the thought). Being as far left as he is, Obama will never veto anything they put on his desk, as a more moderate Democrat would. In a year, his veto record will reflect this. McCain will be better on foreign policy, and Obama on domestic policy. So they pretty much equal out at this point.

If we examine what they have in common, it starts to get alarming. Both will be lax on border security, which should be a priority issue in this campaign. I am talking primarily about the entry of criminal illegal aliens and non-national agents who would wish to do us harm. But here is the most alarming thing: neither one of them seems to know anything about what landed us in this financial crisis, or how to lead us out of it. Neither one has mentioned any of the five or six pieces of legislation that led us to this Wall street meltdown. Neither has addressed why Frank Raines, the man who embezzled 90 million dollars in executive bonuses from Fannie Mae by overstating their earnings to the tune of 6 to 9 billion dollars, is not behind bars. Neither man has done his homework.

So back to the original question…in said situation, how do you vote. You must vote for your core values. The most lasting impression any President makes on the American landscape is who he appoints to the Supreme Court. It is the Court that decides law and public policy in this country. Any law put through Congress and signed by any President, be they Republican or Democrat, can be instantly negated by a single stroke of the Court’s pen. A President can be impeached, and a member of Congress dismissed by their peers, but there is no recourse to remove a rogue judge from any appointed bench. So going into this and any election, ask yourself this question…what kind of Justice will this President appoint to the Supreme court, and how will the decisions of that Court affect me and what I believe in. Then decide.


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